Toys to Go: Top 7 Fitness Gadgets

Fitness gadgets enhance the experience of physical exercise; they help us embrace and use the best of modern technology and combine it with our strategic fitness goals.

Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale

Measure your body fat, weight, and body mass index with this chic new gadget. You can view all your measurements on your iPhone, Android, or the Web and instruct it to automatically tweet your results to your Twitter profile. Although it’s easy to set up to a Wi-Fi connection on this gadget, it also stores up to 16 measurements if the connection happens to shut down.

Scosche myTRE Wireless Pulse Monitor

This wireless gadget lets you use a variety of fitness thresholds to customize your own workout. Wear it on your forearm and pair it with your iPod or iPhone to download its free app, which you can use to select a wide range of activities, including biking and running.

TRX Transatlantic Fitness

This efficient suspension system uses high-quality nylon straps that attach to your body to help you build your core muscles. Improve your balance, stability, and strength by fastening the straps to a tree branch or a piece of equipment and choosing from more than 300 exercises to use with it, such as chest presses or one-legged squats.

TRX 2 trx

Reebok inTouch Heart Rate Monitor

Keep track of your workout by strapping on the Reebok inTouch Heart Rate Monitor and touching the screen to get your latest heart rate results. Wear this as an everyday watch and use the Fit Zone indicator to maintain the right pace for your heart rate.


UwaterG4 is a small, waterproof MP3 player that you can easily clip onto your goggles with an elastic headband. Listen to your music while you swim to motivate yourself in the water.

swimmer butterfly style swimmer man


With this mini trampoline, you can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour. This smart gadget helps you maximize your metabolism, stimulate your body’s lymphatic system, and achieve a significant energy boost.

Fitbit Ultra

To live a healthier lifestyle, many health professionals recommend walking 10,000 steps or more per day. With this device, you can find out just how close you are to achieving this benchmark. This compact device clips to your belt and tracks every step you take. You can also clip the device to a Velcro wristband at night to track the time it takes you to fall asleep, how often you wake up, and your overall “sleep efficiency.”

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